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‘You must be virgins’: WaJesus lists conditions for offering free wedding services

Vlogger Milly WaJesus has become the recipient of harsh criticism after claiming she would only be a bridesmaid or take part in a fan’s wedding for free, only if the couple are virgins.

Her condition comes days after she posted her new rate card for anyone who wishes to have her attend their wedding as a guest, bridesmaid among other things.

According to Milly, many of her fans sent her direct messages to plead with her to reconsider the high fees she was charging. And it is because of this that she has now reconsidered her rate card.

“Watu wamejitetea sana on my inbox & email kuhusu my wedding line up rate card. Nimeamua kufanya for FREE. Only if the couple is willing to fast and pray for 21 days with me at the mountain & they should both be virgins. You also have to book me at least 6 months in advance cause I will be busy praying with other couples. A marriage founded in God will stand the test of time,” Milly WaJesus said.

Her post aroused mixed reactions with most of her fans trolling her for making such a demand when she herself confessed in the past that she was not a virgin when she was married to Kabi.

“Ni kama Akothee alikuwa virgin. Wayesu mnapenda kutupima,” @odhiambofrank said.

“Wewe ulikuwa Virgini, tuanzie hapo,” @dimplegal said.

“Were you a virgin ukiolewa?Was Kabi a virgin akikuoa?Let’s start from there athawais sio must uwe present,” @mary_shiku1 wrote.

“Alafu kwani this is your first wedding kusimamia ..juu uko na kakiherehere ingine flani.. wife ya jalas na kina azziad wametulia.. ..aiiiii Tulia twende Switzerland kwanzaaa,” @montez9102 said.

“Millllllllly Milly you personally were you a virgin when you were getting married to kabi??? Ni swali tu ju wee😂 unaoverdo sasa,” @foiwambui said.

While sharing her rate card the social media influencer said that the rate depends on the time frame she will be there and also included some other services that she would do definitely at a cost.

Bridesmaid half a day is Sh360,000, full day Sh 1m. Being the best couple on the wedding day only is Sh3 million and being on the line up as a couple is Sh2 million.

For an after party, you will have to part with Sh360,000 to have Milly WaJesus on your big day. If you would like her to post your wedding on her socials for the day you will pay from Sh1.5m and above.

If you would like to consult with her and even shop for your day with her you will part with Sh125,000. “Pre-marital classes are free.”