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Visit Thika and enjoy its historical riches

By ALLAN OLINGO January 10th, 2014 2 min read

Driving to the industrial town of Thika from Nairobi has become exciting. It takes just 45 minutes on the Super Highway to reach this town whose history stretches back to colonial times.

One of its main attractions is the Blue Posts Hotel. Built by colonialists in 1908, Blue Posts is between rivers Chania and Thika which draw their waters from the Aberdares.

Their natural waterfalls are Thika’s main attractions. Blue Posts was started as a roadside motel to serve the settlers heading into the central highlands region. Now it is said to be owned by the Kenyatta family and is a firm favourite of Thika residents for its beautiful lawns and enjoyable meals.

In Thika itself is the scenic Chania waterfall, a star tourist attraction. There is also the smaller and less talked about Thika Falls.

There are several historical sites in Thika like the Mugumo Gardens, derived from the giant fig tree where the legendary seer, Mugo wa Kibiro, made prophesies of colonisation.

Legend had it that the fall of the tree would symbolise the fall of British rule in Kenya. The British Government therefore tried to prevent it from falling by encircling it with a fence but in 1963, the tree split into two, and British rule ended.

There is also the Thika World War Memorial Park, a place where African soldiers are immortalised.

You can also visit the Fourteen Falls and Ndakaini Dam. Fourteen Falls derives its name from the 14 distinct waterfalls on the broad section of the famous Athi River. For Sh250, you can ride a boat across the river.

The scenes as you drive to and from Thika will dazzle you. There are vast acres of farm land that make perfect picture opportunities.

One of these is the Delmonte Pineapple farm which stands out for its natural beauty and stretches as far as the eye can see.

Stop at the plantation’s road side kiosk and stock up on the fruit and its juice.