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Vivian: My world fell apart when Sam West walked out of our marriage

Kenyan singer Vivian has opened up about her failed marriage with her manager Sam West.

In an interview with media personality Lynn Ngugi, Vivian said her world fell apart when she severed ties with Sam, particularly because they had become accustomed to working together and relying on each other.

“We used to spend a lot of time together due to our working conditions. He served as my marketer and we had built a partnership that was deeply intertwined,” Vivian said.

Vivian also admitted that she was unprepared for the challenges that awaited her.

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She disclosed that she had a poorly structured contract during that time but was fortunate enough to have resolved it at the beginning of this year.

Now a single mother once again, Vivian expressed her wish for a more amicable separation.

She disclosed that the process had been somewhat hostile, as Sam walked out of the marriage despite her having done the same earlier in their relationship.

“Even as he walked out, initially we tried to repair and even had a few meetings. Relationships force you to grow,” Vivian said.

Vivian admitted feeling bitter and angry when Sam left, as she believed they had made a strong commitment to each other.

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However, she eventually realized that Sam was also experiencing pain, which led her to explore the different ways in which men and women deal with hurt.

In an effort to maintain her own well-being, Vivian chose to release any feelings of spite towards Sam.

She recognized the importance of not letting negativity consume her internally and made the decision to let go with love.

Vivian dismissed claims that Sam left because she couldn’t bear him a child.

She clarified that their initial plan was to integrate their two children from previous relationships first, before considering expanding their family.

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