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Vlogger gifts mother his first salary of Ksh 100,000

By Beth Nyambura December 7th, 2022 2 min read

YouTuber Vincent Mboya has gifted his mother Sh100,000 saying it’s his first salary.

In an emotional video on his YouTube page, the content creator said despite not earning much, he wanted his mother’s blessings.

“I have given my mum my first salary of about Sh100,000 so she can do whatever she wishes to do with it.”

Vincent’s mother said, she knew he would do great things.

The vlogger said he also bought gifts for his close friends and family after his recent visit to Dubai.

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Vincent Mboya and azziad
Vincent Mboya poses with TikTok star Azziad Nasenya

He gave his mum an expensive chain and a watch.

Vincent came to the limelight as an upcoming artist after asking media personality Jalang’o for help to pay his rent in 2021.

Mboya later asked the presenter to contact him for the Ksh18,000 refund after the now Lang’ata MP told him to stop using his name to chase clout.

At the time, Mboya was not happy with Jalang’o after he told him to work hard and stop clout chasing for views.

“I was so disappointed. I am grateful that he helped me, but I do not think telling me ‘work your a** off was necessary,” Mboya said.

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After the back and forth, Jalang’o forgave Vincent although he said the clout had hurt his brand and reputation.

“As your big brother, I can easily tell you, go out there and work out your life if you know what that means. Do you know what that means? Have a good day Mboya, I have forgiven you. This is the last I should hear you talk about me.

This is the last time I should see you following me around with placards. You are making me look bad and I am not that kind of a person,” wrote Jalang’o.

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In an interview on Jalango TV, Mboya looked back at his past and attributed his success to the member of parliament.

“Jalang’o helped me. All I have today is because of clout chasing using Jalang’o’s name. Nobody would have known me without him,” Mboya said.

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