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How voting for Jubilee cost this man his marriage

By MAUREEN KAKAH September 1st, 2017 2 min read

Being an election year in Kenya, the political wave has seen divisions amongst supporters of both sides of the political divide. No doubt there has been some tension here and there.

Foe a certain James Waweru from Murang’a County his decision to vote for the Jubilee Party in the August 8 General Election has come at a high price, broken marriage.

Mr Waweru, who was once a family man, claims that he is now living in loneliness after his wife left him and moved out of their matrimonial home together with their two children and all their belongings.

It all started one day just before the August 8 General Election was held, when he went home to his wife, whom he only identified as Naomi, and made a statement that he now regrets.


Being a diehard Jubilee supporter, he claims that he had told his wife that members of a certain community were supposed to vote for Uhuru Kenyatta as President and a certain governor who backed Jubilee.

He had categorically pointed out that members of that community will be “very stupid” if they do not vote as per his preference and prescription.

But Naomi, who hails from the said community, was upset with her husband’s remarks and could not stand spending an extra night under the same roof with her new found political enemy.

And the next day after Mr Waweru reported to his place of work at sunrise, his wife packed all their belongings and moved out in the course of the day.

In the evening, Mr Waweru was greeted by an empty house.


He claims that his wife has refused to return and that his efforts to win her back have been fruitless.

“I have got nothing to celebrate even if Mr Kenyatta is sworn in as my president,” he said.

He added: “In fact I intend to lock up myself indoors to mourn on the day he is to be sworn in (Editor’s note: there’s a pending presidential petition that’ll determine whether Mr Kenyatta will be sworn in or if there’ll be a re-run). All I want is my wife Naomi and our children to come back to me.”

Mr Waweru spoke to journalists at Milimani Law Courts on Thursday while he had accompanied a relative to attend a case before the traffic court.

He said he wanted to make a public apology to his wife and that he needs her back home.