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‘Waah’ hit earns Diamond Sh4 million on YouTube

Diamond Platnumz says he made over Sh4 million from Youtube since the release of the video for his last hit song Waah four months ago.

The famous song in which the popular Tanzanian hitmaker collaborated with his Congolese counterpart Koffi Olomide, was uploaded on the social media platform in November 2020.

And while sharing his analytics of the song as he appeared to share a tip or two on how his fellow artists can earn income, Platnumz explained the video had generated 32,266.53 Euros (Ksh4, 166,200) when it attained 39,358,770 views on Youtube.

The video has since garnered over 60 million views which means more income has been generated.

The crooner pointed out that the more views a video garners on Youtube translates to sales but was however quick to point out that it’s not a guarantee that you will make good money from views.

He also noted that views will translate to more money depending on which region or country the said views emanated from.

As such he urged fellow artists to always strive to ensure their content is relatable not only in their countries but other regions as well and especially first world countries, in order to maximize the gains.

“Not every song with the same number of views can generate that much income. It depends on who and from where the fans will be watching it from. There are some countries where the views don’t earn much income. Developed countries are the best countries to source views from,” he explained.

Diamond is estimated to be making not less than Sh15 million a month from his Youtube content.

He enjoys a subscription of over 5 million people on his Youtube channel and is the first African artiste to attain a collective one billion plus views on Youtube.

Diamond top 5 most viewed videos on the platform have all been collabos.

Yope Remix featuring Congolese singer Innoss’ B which released a year ago, is his most viewed content on Youtube with over 149 million views as of now. Inama featuring another lingala singer Fally Ipupa is second with 87 million views.

Nana released five years ago featuring Nigerian hunk Mr Flava is third with 72 million views. Waah is currently fourth with African Beauty released three years ago featuring American Omarion closing the top five with 59 million views.
Diamond’s Youtube channel has at least 600 videos that entails music, behind the scenes, tour performance, and documentation of his daily lifestyle.