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Wahu and Tedd Josiah champion positive parenting in the digital age

Singer Wahu and businessman Tedd Josiah have shed light on the positive impact of social media in shaping parents’ parenting journeys and enhancing their children’s lives.

The event focused on vital aspects such as youth well-being, online safety, navigating parenthood in the digital age, and fostering positive experiences for families on Instagram.

In a candid discussion at the launch of the Meta Youth Wellbeing campaign in Kenya, Wahu, a mother of three, expressed how her children leverage online platforms to enrich their lives.

Managing the diverse needs and conversations of her teenage daughter, a 10-year-old, and a toddler, Wahu emphasised that being digital citizens is a common thread that unites her family.

“Even my youngest knows how to say hello on the phone. My older daughters are unfamiliar with the concept of watching programmed content on TV. I regulate their screen time, and we, as parents, are their first teachers,” Wahu said.

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Sharing a personal anecdote, she highlighted how her daughter’s interest in crocheting was nurtured through social media, particularly on TikTok.

Wahu stressed the importance of guiding children on what to watch and fostering a truthful and polite online presence.

“What I say online, I can also say offline. They will watch and learn through what they see,” Wahu added, emphasising the influence parents have on their children’s digital behavior.

On the other side, businessman Tedd Josiah opened up about his social media journey as a single dad, revealing that the tragic loss of his wife inspired him to share his parenting experiences online.

“I began my social media journey after the death of my wife. It was a journey of healing and was very personal—a man trying to think like a woman and become a mum,” Josiah shared.

He spoke about the positive response from other men who appreciated his openness about parenting, and challenging societal norms.

“Social media has been so helpful to us. As a father, I make sure my daughter consumes what I allow her to consume,” Josiah said.

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He acknowledged the need to shield his daughter from negativity and stressed the importance of sharing positive stories that inspire dreams and turn them into reality.

The Meta Youth Wellbeing campaign launch provided a platform for these influential figures to encourage responsible online parenting and underscore the role of social media in shaping positive narratives for the next generation.