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Wahu: I failed Kiswahili exams but had a successful career

Kenyan songbird Wahu Kagwi has recalled how she scored below average marks in her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Exams (KCSE).

“A piece of completely irrelevant information for you today: I got a D+ in KCSE Kiswahili! I was bottom 3 in swahili in my school 🤦🏿‍♀️,” she said.

A D+, as per the Kenyan examination standards, is equivalent to a 35% to 40% mark.

The singer further remembers how her dad was so disappointed but chose to see the funny side of it.

“My dad laughed at the result. I’m not sure what traumatized me more. The old man’s laughter or my (poor) grade.”

Despite the setback in her national exams, the song writer has evolved into a successful career woman, wife and mother.

The mother of two pursued a Bachelor of Science degree and majored in Mathematics before commencing her successful music career in the year 2000.

She’s won numerous awards in the industry and also played a leading role as an actress in a leading television series Tazama.

Wahu is married to fellow musician David Mathenge alias Nameless, in a union that is devoid of drama and scandals.