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Wahu Kagwi celebrates ‘growing’ nyash in cute post baby update

By Winnie Mabel December 14th, 2022 2 min read

Legendary singers Wahu Kagwi and her husband, David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, welcomed their third daughter, Shiru, on October 11, 2022.

The little tot’s conceiving and birth made headlines considering she was born at an age considered old for Wahu to be giving birth but the couple relished each moment of their pregnancy and celebrated with Kenyans when she was born.

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Wahu Kagwi
Wahu Kagwi

It was, therefore, no surprise when Wahu hopped onto her Instagram stories on December 13, 2022, to celebrate another milestone since giving birth almost two months ago.

“So I just tried on my big shorts…you know, the ones you wear and are really baggy on you? I can’t close the zipper. Let me just laugh at myself becozzzz…I have added a cool 20 kilograms over my normal weight! This is the biggest I’ve been in close to 15 years (with Tumiso (her eldest daughter) I added 23 kilograms, with Nyakio only 13 kilograms).

The upside- I finally have nyash. The downside, I have stomach too!” said Wahu as she seasoned her post with several laugh emojis.

Typically, during pregnancy, a woman adds some weight to support the holistic growth of the baby. The common areas that tend to ‘pad up’ include the tummy area, the assets area, feet, the chest area as well as face.

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Wahu Kagwi with her third born daughter
Wahu Kagwi with her third born daughter

She went on to reveal cute moments she was experiencing with Nyakio, her middle child, who was making motherhood magical for her in her post-baby period.

“A cute thing though: Nyakio keeps hugging my tummy and says, ‘thank you’ to it for carrying her baby sister. Anyway, what’s really bugging me is that Shiru is struggling to take to the bottle.

We just introduced it this week and she keeps tema-ing (spitting it out). I’ll keep trying because wueh! Mama wants her freedom starting January 2023,” added Wahu.

During her entire music career, Wahu has always been one of the artistes who managed to maintain a petite body physique despite having children.

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It was only during her third pregnancy that she bittersweetly bemoaned adding weight as she continued celebrating that her assets were finally popping out and looking delectable.

She revealed this in posts she made when her husband was away on a music tour in the United States of America and he celebrated the development, saying he couldn’t wait to come back home to his wife and children.

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