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Wahu Kagwi shares about breakdown on eve of her wedding to Nameless

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 11th, 2023 2 min read

Celebrated Kenyan artist Wahu Kagwi and her husband David Mathenge, famously known as Nameless, are marking a remarkable 18 years of wedded bliss today.

To celebrate this special milestone, Wahu took to her social media accounts on August 10 to share some light-hearted and candid anecdotes about the eve of their wedding.

In her heartwarming social media post, Wahu opened up about some behind-the-scenes moments from their wedding preparations, providing a glimpse into the humorous and nerve-wracking lead-up to their big day.

The journey down memory lane began with a revelation about a wardrobe malfunction that had caused some pre-wedding jitters.

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Wahu disclosed that her wedding dress wasn’t ready until just two or three days before the wedding, and the stress of last-minute fittings took a toll on the bride-to-be.

“My wedding dress wasn’t ready until, I think, two or three days before the wedding,” she candidly shared.

Wahu also recounted how she received calls from uninvited guests who were upset about not receiving an invitation.

The mounting pressure became so overwhelming that she broke down in tears during one of her final outfit fittings.

“I remember in one of my final outfit fittings… I broke down into tears… I was receiving phone calls from people who were upset that they hadn’t been invited to the wedding as I was doing my final fitting…” Wahu recounted.

The wedding planning process left Wahu incredibly anxious, with sleepless nights and nightmares.

She humorously recalled a dream where her wedding dress resembled a sack with crude designs drawn on it.

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“Speaking of anxiety. I was so anxious about the wedding! Wueh!! I remember waking up in a cold sweat one day. I had dreamt that my wedding dress ilikua gunia imechorwa tuu designs hapa mbele na makaa,” she humorously shared.

As the night before the wedding approached, Wahu’s anxiety reached its peak. Her friend prescribed sleeping pills to help her get some rest.

“On the night before the wedding, my good friend, who had just recently graduated from medical school, prescribed sleeping pills. Let me tell you, Maina… “All I remember is looking down at my plate, which was on my lap, and then my eyes feeling heavy. After that, my face fell flat on my food, ” she wrote.

Wahu also shared a humorous anecdote about her aunt’s initial concerns regarding her choice of wedding dress.

“She was worried since I am an artiste, I would have picked a funny dress for my wedding,” she said

Nameless with his wife Wahu on their wedding day. PHOTO | COURTESY

Despite the comedic twists and turns leading up to their wedding, Wahu and Nameless have enjoyed 18 years of a strong and enduring marriage.

Wahu and Nameless exchanged vows on September 10, 2005, and have since been blessed with three beautiful children.

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