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Another ‘Waiganjo’ impostor arrested at police residence

By HILARY KIMUYU September 16th, 2017 1 min read

A man who has been living in at a police quarters in Nairobi has been arrested for impersonating police officers.

The man, identified as Kennedy Mojong Ekale, 26, was arrested on Friday at Security of Government Building (SGB) unit at Uhuru Camp Nairobi where he has been living for several months while pretending to be a police constable.

According to a police report, on Thursday, some Administration Police (AP) officers at the camp suspected him after they realised he has never showed up for or appeared for any duty roster.

When they arrested him, they found him in possession of AP uniform. He was detained at Langata police station as investigations continue.

He will be charged in court for being in possession of government property and impersonating a police officer.


In Kariobangi, a police officer was shot and injured on suspicion of robbing and harassing members on the public near Mwisho Plaza in Korogocho when police went to the area, the suspect fled.

Members of the public raised the alarm and when police officers went to the area, the suspect fled prompting the officers to shoot in an effort to immobilize him.

A toy pistol was recovered from the suspect who was taken to Nairobi West Hospital in fair condition.

According to the police, the officer, who has been identified as John Kivuva, is attached to Kariobangi AP post.