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Waiguru disowns Facebook account that is spreading toxic cancer message

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has disowned a Facebook account that has left Kenyans shocked over the vile message shared by the account.

According to Waiguru the account registered with her name is a fake account and the public should ignore it.

The post in the parody account warns Kenyans of their impending doom where everyone is going to die of cancer sooner or later.

This, the account says, is due to the contaminated foods Kenyans are consuming without knowing – that the country’s greed is what has led it to this predicament. Hence there is no need of having any long term plans for Kenya.

“We are all dying. It’s no longer a question of who has cancer, it’s now a question of who does NOT have cancer yet. There’s nothing you consume today that isn’t contaminated. We are paying for being stupid and greedy, we are paying for choosing material wealth over our health,” the post reads.

“We are paying for our love for V8 and real estates. We are paying for sins we commit at the ballot. Let me tell you, afflation, one of the naturally occurring carcinogens are all over our staple foods, milk and beer. No one is surviving. Kenya is a screwed nation. We are all going to be wiped out to hell. And if things remain the same there’s no need of having long term plans in this country,” read the post.

But in her response, Governor Waiguru posted a screenshot of the said account with the word ‘fake’ prominently stamped across it.