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Waiguru declines to reveal last time she spoke to Uhuru

Former Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning Anne Waiguru on Wednesday refused to disclose when she last spoke to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

While appearing in an interview on Citizen TV’s JKL, Ms Waiguru declined to answer the question from show host Jeff Koinange.

The witty Mr Koinange had put the question with a disclaimer that it was his personal concern.

He was quickly cut short by Ms Waiguru who said, “I’m not gonna answer that,” without batting an eyelid.

Her response triggered mixed reactions from viewers with some saying she owed no one such information while others were of the view that she should have just answered the question to debunk the myth that she is close to power.

When asked about her being too close to the president hence the landslide win in the Kirinyaga Jubilee Party primaries, Ms Wairuru said that if indeed she was close to power she would not have been out of government for the last two years.


During the interview, Waiguru said she had not acquired any property over the last five years.

“I hear I own a building along Luthuli Avenue, a huge building, I don’t know if you’ve seen it. I have a mall, I hear, near Machakos bus stop somewhere, I have I think 3000 acres I’m not sure if its Isiolo or Nanyuki somewhere,” Waiguru said.

“The other day someone comes and tells me that the land I’m selling in Mweiga they are interested and I don’t have a single a piece of land in Mweiga. I hear I have over 10,000 houses or estate somewhere in Karen,” she added.

She stated that she has a loan that has got stuck since she resigned from work and so the lifestyle audit people will conduct will reveal nothing.

“Just for the record, because Raila (Odinga) thinks there is something they will uncover with the lifestyle audit; they will be very disappointed,” added Waiguru.

The former minister further said her bad blood with the opposition leader started when she cleaned up Kibera and some people wondered why the former MP had never cleaned up the area.