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Waiguru in fresh scandal over Sh52m Uhuru campaign cash

A section of Kirinyaga county leaders have put Governor Ann Waiguru on the spot over the Sh51.9 million raised for President Uhuru Kenyatta re-election campaigns.

The money was contributed by professionals and elected leaders through Waiguru’s initiative prior to the October 26 presidential repeat poll. The leaders are now demanding the cash to be accounted for.

They claim that there were very few campaign activities in the area and challenged the committee that was handling the money to explain how it was spent.

The leaders, some who participated in the campaigns, recollected that the money was raised and deposited in the bank account which had been opened

Two Members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly, a senior Jubilee official from the Jubilee headquarters and a Member of Parliament were signatory to the bank account.

“We want to be told where much of the cash went because only 10 vehicles were branded and few campaign roadshows conducted.This is a scandal,” said Mr Peter Kariuki from Mwea.


Waiguru: I have raised Sh52m in two days for Uhuru

Another resident, Mr Ephrahim Warui said he was shocked when he heard that the whole amount collected was used in the campaigns yet not even a single major political rally was held to drum up support for President Kenyatta.

“I was involved in the campaigns and I doubt all the money was used for the intended purpose,” said Mr Warui.

The County Assembly majority leader Mr Murango Kamau admitted that he was among the account signatories but insisted that money was transparently invested in the campaigns.

He however claimed that his committee only received Sh11 million which was deposited in the local branch of Cooperative Bank.

“I only know of Sh11 million and I can clearly account for it. I think the difference was a pledge by MCAs, MPs and professionals,” he said.

Asked about the money sent by the President, he said: “I heard the money was given out by the Head of State but I think it was spent on paying Jubilee poll agents.”


Mr Kamau accused some of the MPs who were being updated on daily basis on how the campaign cash was being spent of inciting the residents to protest and politicizing the issue for their own selfish interests.

“Some of these MPs who are now undermining the county government are behaving like saints but they are not,” said Mr Kamau.

The majority leader, who said he was attending a seminar, promised to produce a bank statement showing detailed account information about the usage of the cash.

But a senior county politician who sought anonymity citing sensitivity of the matter gave conflicting figures.

“What I know is that Sh45 million was raised for campaigns and handed over to the committee. The majority leader, Mr Kamau, and his colleagues are the only ones who were signatory to the bank account. They should tell us whether the money was used well or not,” said the politician.

On October 10, Governor Waiguru announced that a record Sh51.9 million had been contributed in two days for President Kenyatta Uhuru re-election campaigns.

Efforts to get comments from Ms Waiguru on Sunday proved futile as her phone went unanswered.

On Monday, she dismissed the claims and accused the media and her opponents of seeking to tarnish her name.

The governor refused to explain what tarnishing her names meant.