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Waiguru stage-managed arrests, police raids in NYS scandal, says businesswoman

February 17th, 2016 2 min read

Investigations, arrests and police raids in the Sh791 million NYS scandal were stage-managed stunts aimed at directing blame away from former Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru, according to damning court papers filed by businesswoman Josephine Kabura on Monday.

Ms Kabura claims she was warned of the raid by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission well in advance by Mr Joseph Mugwanja, the head of the Banking Fraud Investigations Department of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), and advised to remove any evidence from her home.


Even her arrest and detention at Kileleshwa Police Station on July 21, 2015, was fake.

She was arrested, taken to the police station, then driven home. In the morning, she was picked by a Mr Matapei Sautet and taken to the station so that it would appear she had spent the night there.

When she appeared in court on November 24, the man who was investigating the case, Mr Mugwanja “personally provided the bail money”, she claims.

In her affidavit, Ms Kabura paints a picture of a totally lawless and avaricious group that ruthlessly made huge sums of money from tenders, made a total mockery of corruption investigations, caused “funny” charges to be preferred against individuals, while at the same time “pushing” for other civil servants to be prosecuted all the while cynically inventing a bogeyman”, a “vicious”, “uncontrollable” cartel working with senior government officials.


Ms Kabura accuses Ms Waiguru and her close associates of hatching elaborate schemes to cover up the loss of millions of shillings at the National Youth Service and to shield the main players and mislead the public.

Ms Kabura is now seeking to be enjoined in a case in which the Asset Recovery Agency is seeking orders to seize the properties of eight suspects linked to the Sh791 million scandal.

Ms Kabura claims that Ms Waiguru worked in cahoots with several people, among them Mr Mutahi Ngunyi, who was hired to work as an NYS consultant, Mr Mugwanja and other people, including two journalists.

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SOURCE: Daily Nation