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Waiguru wants Woman Rep arrested for ‘hiring’ knife-wielding hecklers

Kirinyanga County supremacy battle has just escalated after Governor Anne Waiguru called for the arrest of her political nemesis Wangui Ngirici who is the county’s Woman Representative.

This after the bad blood between the two leaders degenerated further on Friday when Waiguru was heckled by youths during a public function in Kerugoya where Deputy President William Ruto was the chief guest.

The function was also attended by Ngirici.

Now Waiguru claims the knife-wielding hecklers were hired by Ngirici and her husband Andrew Ngirici and she is demanding for the arrest of the two.


Waiguru heckled in her home turf during Ruto visit

Waiguru has further expressed he frustration with the police, saying they have been treating the Woman Rep and her husband as untouchables.

On Friday DP Ruto got caught in the Kirinyanga wrangles after his speech at Kerugoya was briefly interrupted by chants of “Waiguru must go” from a section of the crowd.

The DP reprimanded the hecklers and attempted to play mediator between the feuding leaders.

“We agreed to have a unified nation not what we hear coming from Kirinyaga. We do not want to hear fracas and insults coming from this county,” he said.

The Woman Rep has, however, defended herself and her husband insisting they were not involved in the fracas.

“We are dismayed by the statement attributed to the governor and wish to state that we were at no time involved in the planning of the disruption,” the Woman Rep said in a rejoinder.

Ms Waiguru claimed that prior to attending Mr Ruto’s function, local leaders had a meeting where they complained to Ms Ngirici about intelligence reports on the planned chaos.

Ms Ngirici has, on her part, accused the governor of engaging in political sideshows and called on authorities to investigate the incident.