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Waiguru’s teen son in Instagram blooper – VIDEO

Embattled Devolution Secretary Anne Waiguru’s teenage son had a faux pas moment on Thursday when posted a video of himself cruising a state-of-the-art car on his Instagram page.

Ian Waiguru, 19, is a student at Brookehouse School, one of Nairobi’s high cost schools. In the video,  he is seen cruising a new model Sh15 million Aston Martin.

The video went viral in view of the widespread clamour for his mother to resign following corruption allegations.

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Ian had written a coded message suggesting that he may have purchased the sleek car.

“Hardworkpays#astonmartin#wemadeit”) he wrote without substantiating.

Aware of his blooper after the video went viral, Ian immediately sought to clear the air in a series of tweets, saying that the vehicle belongs to a friend.

“Just to clear up something for people, no I do not own an Aston Martin, I have however driven one belonging to a good friend that let me,” he tweeted.

“So no, the car does not belong to me or anyone in my family. And the video was just a fun little post. Thank you.”

He has since changed his Instagram username, hours after making it private.


The Waiguru junior may have unwittingly heaped pressure on his mother, who is currently under increased pressure to quit or step aside, in the wake of allegations of widespread corruption, overspending and inflated payments in her ministry.

The CS has however dismissed the calls, while maintaining she is innocent.

The latest sideshows aside, Ian has in the recent past built a reputation as a fairly intelligent person. He already owns a company – Something Inc – that is involved in among other, branding electronics such as computers, mobile phones, laptops and power banks.

“I got involved in all this because my mother told me I need to do something with my life even at this stage of my career. It is true because at that time I spent much time idling with my friends,” he told NTV news anchor Larry Madowo during an interview on the popular weekly entertainment show, The Trend.
You can see the full interview here..