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Waititu blames Kabogo regime for Sh58m South Sudan peace budget

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu on Thursday blamed the regime of former Governor William Kabogo for preparing the 2017/18 budget that drew ridicule from Kenyans.

In the budget, Sh58 million was paid to cater for South Sudan advisory services towards the peace program.

A further Sh180 million was used to pay benefits to retired presidents Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Moi.

Hours after details of the budget were laid bare by a Senate committee, Governor Waititu told KTN News that the budget was prepared by former Governor Kabogo’s administration.

“This budget was not prepared by us but the previous government under Governor Kabogo,” he said.


The Governor also said that prior to the senate hearings, he had noticed an additional page that he considered foreign, but never bothered to question it.

“It’s like this is the whole report, it had up to page 16 but from page 17 there’s an annexure, which according to us is a foreign document,” he said.

In the budget, Kiambu County had allocated Sh180 million for the administration of benefits to retired presidents. Sh973 million was also used in the coordination of State House functions and Sh800 million for free primary education.