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Waititu criticised for raiding bars in war against alcoholism

Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu’s recent raid on bars claiming he was fighting alcoholism has not gone down well in the area.

The National Alliance party county coordinator Gladys Chania said the decision by the MP to organise youth who broke into bars and destroyed alcohol and other property was counterproductive.

“Mr Waititu has taken the war against alcoholism out of proportion,” said Ms Chania, who runs a local rehabilitation centre.


The youth who raided the bars spilling alcohol were accused of massive looting.

They are also said to have taken advantage of Mr Waititu’s initiative to drink themselves silly.

Mr Waititu, who accompanied the youth, raided bars mainly at Wangige and Gikuni shopping centres.

The youth are said to have raided even licensed bars and destroyed alcohol and electronic equipment while helping themselves to the same liquor.

According to Mr Waititu, alcohol is causing a lot of problems in the county. The MP said his actions were prompted by women who held demonstrations against alcoholism in the county last weekend.

“I want to ensure something is done about what the President said about alcohol and we will go to any length to eradicate alcoholism in Kabete,’ Mr Waititu said.


However, campaigners against alcohol and drug abuse as well as bar owners condemned Mr Waititu’s handling the matter, saying it was an exercise in futility.

“Technically, professionally and economically, that is not the way to handle this battle. Let’s agree on how to end the menace because what the MP did will create other problems,” Ms Chania said.

“Demolishing bars will not end alcoholism. It will leave the bar owners helpless and push addicts into consumption of illicit brews.”

County Bar Owners Association chairman Joseph Kagiri, said: “We all agree alcoholism in a big problem but you don’t raid licensed bars and destroy stock and even worse, steal the same alcohol. We don’t sell illicit brews in our bars, therefore the raids were uncalled for.”