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Waititu son’s day in court

A two-minute video clip showing former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu’s demeanor in court has left Kenyans with much to discuss on social media.

Brian Ndungu, the politician’s son, found himself on the wrong side of the law after he was reportedly nabbed by Police driving while under the influence of alcohol.

But in the video that has widely been shared on social media, the chap, apart from a striking resemblance with his controversial dad, appears anything but remorseful within the corridors of justice.

Instead, Waititu junior is spotted smiling around and making calls to his friends. He at one suggests in a telephone call with a friend his father has refused to pay the Sh30,000 fine required in exchange for his freedom.

“Just come and bail me out, my dad has told them to lock me up but I don’t have any problem with him, he has on many occasions told me to stop drinking so I don’t have any issue with him” explained Ndungu.

“I hear people are surprised that I drive a Probox and that I’m arrested. I even ride motorbikes and board matatus, I don’t know what is surprising them,” he adds.

The call goes on for a while and he reveals to his friend on the other side of the phone, whom he calls Mark, the amount of money he needs to pay to secure freedom.

“I’m good, I have been fined thirty thousand, that’s what I’m trying to sort out.” He claimed.

Ndung’u’s brush with the law is another trait he’s picked from his parents.

The senior Waititu has been in and out of the court for the better part of the last two years, mostly on corruption-related charges. These allegations led to his impeachment as Kiambu boss, making him the first-ever governor in Kenya’s history to be kicked out of office by both his County Assembly and the Senate.

Ndungu’s mother Susan Wangare was once arrested alongside his father on corruption-related offenses. She was also arrested by Nairobi county askaris in 2018 and with the occupation of a building structure without permission from the county government and released on a cash bail of Sh80,000.

Brian was sentenced to serve 3 months in jail or pay a fine of thirty thousand after he was found guilty of driving under the influence. He is reported to have spent a night behind bars at the Industrial Area prison.