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Waititu spoke to investors in ‘sign language’ and netizens love it

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu has become the butt of online jokes after photos of him speaking to unidentified foreigners were shared on social media.

In one of the photo, Waititu can be seen seemingly putting across a point through gestures.

Online users analyzed his expressions while at the same time noting the body language of the foreigners and an official standing next to Waititu.

Kenyans on Twitter had a field day trolling the governor for his hilarious gestures and body language.

@makodingo wrote, “Seems like the guy on his left is typing whatever he’s saying on Google Translate??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️”

@StubbornNjoki noted, “Indeed its #ArtisticThursday in Kiambu. Governor Waititu is unable to talk English to this investors & has resorted to using sign language ?”

@harakajay added, “The lady in blue is either scared or feeling sorry for him lol.”

@Raballah_ responded, “My favourite is the dark guy beside Waititu on phone. Looks like he knows Baba Yao is sweating but he is also like ‘you are doing good bro.’”

@YesKeller1 wrote, “I know he wonders how people can speak English for hours without having a heart attack.”

@LinQPesa added, “He is trying to tell them, ‘are you catching me.’”

@UmmNabz commented, “The body language of the investors is like ‘Is dis guy for real’ ????.”

@KangetheMb wrote, “I find body language fascinating. Madam mzungu is protecting her ovaries. Mr mzungu is defensive beyond belief. Kiambu governor is oblivious to the discomfort he is inducing and thumbs up indicates I’m winning them over. Bodyguard is on Twitter. Get me out of here.”

@callmekigz stated, “That Waititu pic keeps getting funnier with each tweet I see about it.”