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Waitress warms hearts for saving reveler from ‘suspicious’ drinking buddies

The National Police Service (NPS) has expressed their gratitude to a waitress who might have saved a reveler from danger on Tuesday night.

Police has lauded the unnamed waitress who warned a male reveler to be wary of a man who was sitting next to him at a drinking joint in Madaraka estate.

Police said the reveler was enjoying drinks in the company of strangers when the kind-hearted waitress scribbled a little note and passed it on to him, warning him that he could be in danger.

“Yesterday evening, in a social club near Madaraka estate, as one client was enjoying himself with strangers at his table, one warm-hearted waitress felt something was amiss, and scribbled a quick note which she secretly passed over to the unsuspecting customer,” the NPS said in a statement on Twitter.

“I don’t trust the guy seated on your right, please do not tolerate him,” the note read.

After receiving the note, police said the man quickly left the pub and was reportedly safe.

“Who knows what could have happened next! To the loving, caring, and responsible waitress,” NPS added.

According to the police, it is the vigilant and caring service staff, especially waiters and security guards who matters as they know who is who in clubs.

“These unappreciated staff know more than revelers do. They pick out odd behaviours, that when shared in good time, can save life and property.”

The police warning comes in the wake of the return of gangs that spike drinks before stealing from revelers in Nairobi and other major towns.

On Tuesday, a man in Naivasha reported the loss of Sh150,000 to a woman he met during the World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally.

The man told police that he met the woman at the event before they exchanged contacts with the promise of meeting later that night. In the evening the pair went around the town merrymaking and later retired to a hotel on the outskirts of Naivasha where the man was drugged and the money withdrawn from his personal accounts.

In yet another incident in Naivasha, police recovered Sh100,000 which had been stolen from a man who had been drugged.

Police patrolling the Moi South Lake Road got suspicious after spotting the woman hurrying to leave one of the lodgings.

“She was stopped and taken back to the room where her client was dead asleep. The victim had Sh500,000 inside the locker but the woman insisted that she just needed Sh100,000 for her services,” said an officer privy to the arrest.