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Wajackoyah buys new machine after losing elections

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has bought a new Mercedes Benz just days after losing elections. Photos have emerged of Prof Wajackoyah testing his brand new car whose seats were still wrapped.

In an earlier interview the law professor revealed that he was a collector of watches and cars.

During his campaign, Prof Wajackoyah, who finished third in the August 9th elections, also said he has several cars gifted to him by friends.

The 62 year old created an online stir with his manifesto of legalising marijuana, proceeds from he said would be used to pay off the country’s debts.

Additionally, Prof Wajackoyah said his administration would plant marijuana along the newly constructed Nairobi Expressway.

“There are flowers planted where you are standing, for beautification purposes. That is a place which can yield regulated bhang. Even the things we have on Nairobi expressway, flowers that have died. Why do we need all that yet people are dying? All that will be bhang,” he said.