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Wajackoyah hits nightclubs to hunt for votes

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has decided to take his campaigns to the nightclubs. In photos and a video shared by the party’s spokesperson and head of social media, Wilson Muirani Gathoni aka Jaymo Ule Msee, the presidential hopeful is seen enjoying reggae music in a club located in Kiambu county.

In some of the photos, Prof Wajackoyah is seen flanked by his fans and a bevy of beauties all dressed in Rasta colours.

Jaymo also shared posters of the venues on social media.

“Tonight the 5th will interact with his supporters in the following locations: Whiskey River, Paris Lounge & Bamboo Cask Lounge,” the poster reads.

Presidential hopeful Prof George Wajackoyah with his fans at a nightclub.  PHOTOS | COURTESY

If elected the Roots Party leader has promised legalize marijuana in the country and enact laws on commercial snake farming.

On Thursday, Prof Wajackoyah brought traffic on the streets of Nairobi to a standstill as he campaigned from an open truck. However, he reiterated that the weed he is vouching for is not for recreational consumption but for medicinal purposes.

He reminded his supporters that marijuana is yet to be legalised in Kenya and those found smoking weed in public will only have themselves to blame.

“Sisi hatusemi mambo ya kuvuta bangi. Kuna wengine wanavuta bangi hapa, mkishikwa na polisi shauri yenu. Sisi tunasema ile bangi medicinal. Nyinyi kama mmejiexpose kwa wanahabari kazi ya polisi ni rahisi sana. Hao wamejiexpose kabla hatujahalalisha mkishikwa shauri yenu,” he said.