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Wajackoyah hits out at Murathe for copying his manifesto

Roots presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has hit out at David Murathe for suggesting Azimio la Umoja presidential hopeful should consider bhang planting.

In a swift response on Twitter, Wajackoyah tweeted, “Stand with your own manifestos.”

Murathe, a close political ally of President Uhuru Kenyatta, had suggested in an interview with NTV on Tuesday that Raila Odinga would likely legalise bhang for medicinal purposes if he wins the August 2022 polls.

“We are even asking our candidate to consider in the next dispensation for medicinal purposes because the numbers Wajackoyah is giving are making sense,” said Murathe.

Wajackoyah excited Kenyans after he unveiled his manifesto that included legalising bhang which he said will help settle the country’s debts.

Additionally, the hopeful ganja president stated he would use the first 100 days in office to call for ‘public participation’ in a bid to change Kenyans mindset on the hemp.

Cultivation and use of bhang is illegal in Kenya.