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Wajackoyah: I worked as a grave digger

George Wajackoyah now says he’s worked as a grave digger in the past. Wajackoyah is among four candidates cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to contest the Kenyan presidency in the August 2022 polls.

And in an online interview with comedian Victor Naman, the renowned lawyer opened up on what he says is his challenging past.

“I’ve been a watchman, street boy, grave digger, and policeman. Presently, I am a lawyer,” he explained.

He did not share the details of when and where he worked as a grave digger.

Wajackoyah previously worked as a police officer in Kenya before moving to exile in the UK and the USA.

As part of his bid to woo voters, he has vouched for the cultivation of marijuana for commercial purposes.

He adds that the said marijuana, commonly referred to as bhang in Kenya, will be planted along the Nairobi Expressway. The proceeds from selling of the drug will be used to clear of Kenya’s debts, he says.

This has earned him the moniker Ganja President.

“There are flowers planted where you are standing, for beautification purposes. That is a place that can yield regulated bhang. Even those things on the expressway you call flowers that have died. Why do we need all that yet people are dying? All that will be bhang,” he said.

The Roots party leader also says he will accord Kenyans a three day weekend, and not two as is currently the case.