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Wajackoyah shows up, gives conditions before debate

Roots Party presidential candidate Professor George Wajackoyah has made his way to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa for the presidential debate.

However, Prof Wajackoyah, who had initially indicated that he would skip the event, has stated that he will only appear on the podium on the condition that all the four cleared candidates will share the same platform.

“I’m not going to debate unless we are four. That’s why I have come to confirm because they never responded to my letter,” said Prof Wajackoyah who is scheduled to take on Agano Party candidate David Mwaure in the first tier debate.

Earlier on, Prof Wajackoyah has said that he would skip the debate, unless Deputy President William Ruto of Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition party candidate Raila Odinga share the same podium with him.

In a statement on Tuesday, Roots Party called on the media to desist from deciding the outcome of an election before the poll day.

“The notion that some candidates are trailing or some are leading is baseless,” the party said.

The party further claimed that it sent an official letter to the organisers of the debate on July 21 but is yet to receive official communication on the concerns they raised.

Prof Wajackoyah has been threatening to boycott the debate, arguing that the event is biased and meant to isolate some candidates.