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Wajackoyah: Some of those who ate Uhuru’s stolen sheep meat have died

Roots Party leader Prof George Wajackoyah has sensationally claimed that some of those who consumed meat of livesttock that were stolen from retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Northland farm have already died.

In a video that has emerged on social media Prof Wajackoyah claims four death cases of those who consumed the meat have so far been reported.

“I have heard that some of those who ate the sheep meat have died. Four people have already died,” Wajackoyah said, at what appeared to be an indoor event.

Prof Wajackoyah further urged thois in the gathering to pray for those who stole the Kenyatta family animals.

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“Have you already heard of that (referring to the death claims)? Let’s pray for those people, because they are starved,” he said.

Mr Kenyatta’s Northland farm was invaded on Monday by unknown people in an incident that coincided with protests by Azimio supporters.

Some motorists along Eastern Bypass were filmed buying the stolen sheep and driving away.

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The ranch with a farmhouse, is located at Gatongora ward, Ruiru, in Kiambu County.

Opposition politicians, led by Mr Raila Odinga, have since strongly condemned the incident.

A day after the attack, Mr Odinga visited the farm where he blamed top government officials of being behind the invasion.

“It’s so shameful for goons to invade Uhuru Kenyatta’s farm yet there is a government claiming it is committed to protect the property of all Kenyans,” Mr Odinga said.

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