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Wajackoyah: Why I slept on top of the car during campaigns

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has opened up on his unique campaign style.

Wajackoyah, the self-styled Ganja president, has been spotted jumping to the tunes of reggae music while on the campaign trail.

He’s also been spotted gesturing and sleeping atop his car at a recent rally in Kisumu, moves considered unusual on the Kenyan political scene.

“I was in Raila’s backyard,” he explained.

“People have been stoned there and when you saw me sleeping on top of  the car, I was dreaming.”

“In my dream, I was talking to Raila because I am very spiritual. I was asking him do you want me to die in Kisumu? Because this is Kondele, Ruto was stoned there do you want me to die there?”

“I asked him I’m in your backyard what do I do? And in that dream he told me, I am pushing you to be president.”

Wajackoyah also disputes reports he is Odinga’s project and claims he last spoke to the seasoned politicians two years ago.

“Raila is a project of the government, Ruto is a project and I am a project of the people.”

Wajackoyah has attracted interest from Kenyans owing to some of his pre-election pledges.

He’s promised to cultivate marijuana for commercial purposes and use the proceeds to pay off the country’s debts. He has also said he will introduce snake farming, and also sell dog meat to China.