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Wajackoyah: Why I’m a black Indian

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has opened up on his tough life while growing up in the streets.

In an online interview, the self-proclaimed ganja president revealed his parents parted ways soon after he was born.

“Nobody wanted me at home. My dad and mum separated because she gave birth to me after ten and a half months (instead of the normal nine). It is believed to be bad omen and some even referred to me as a witch,” he explained.

“I had to go to the streets and become a street boy.”

The law professor remained in the streets for more than a decade, before he was adopted by the Hindu’s Hare Krishna.

“I am a black Indian. I think like an Indian and that’s why people say I think differently.”

He adds that renown leaders and developers in the world came from the Hare Krishna, including Tanzania’s first president Julius Nyerere, Steve Jobs pia, Nelson Mandela, and Samora Machel.

Wajackoyah’s manifesto of legalizing weed once he ascends to power come August 9th made him an internet sensation.

The 62-year-old suggested that planting of weed would offset Kenya’s debts as marijuana would be for commercial purposes being exported to nations outside Africa.