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Wajackoyah’s non participation turns presidential debate into an ‘interview’

Failure of Roots Party presidential candidate, George Wajackoyah to participate in the presidential debate on Tuesday evening turned the discussion into an ‘interview’.

The presidential debate team was left with no option but to engage Agano Party leader, David Mwaure, who showed up for the first tier debate.

Prof Wajackoyah made an appearance at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa but left shortly after, claiming the event is already predetermined.

Roots Party had earlier in the day said it wrote a letter to the presidential debate team on July 21 but did not receive any response regarding the concerns they raised. Prof Wajackoyah also wanted all the four candidates to share the same platform.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwaure has assured Kenyans that his government will fight corruption as a way of reviving the economy. On the other hand, he accused the churches of not actively participating in political affairs.

“It is surprising that 59 years after independence, Kenyans are still struggling and unable to afford a meal, millions are still jobless and the cost of living is very high. I believe that this is the time for Kenyans to take action and elect a leader who has never been involved in government affairs,” Mwaure said.