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Wajackoyah’s running mate says bearded men are ‘broke’

Roots Party running mate Justina Wamae suggests most men who keep beards are broke.

She shared the sentiments during the Deputy presidential debate in Nairobi, suggesting 5.5 million Kenyans were unemployed and 2.2 million live below the poverty line.

“Ask any man that has a barbershop or salon. Boys are saying beard gang but the issue here is there’s no money to shave the beard. Kenyans do not have the money and that has affected the purchasing power,” she explained.

Ironically, Wamae’s boss, George Wajackoyah, is bearded.

Wamae strongly believes marijuana would ‘liberalize’ the country by paying off debts and in turn Kenyans would have money in their pockets.

Pointing an accusatory finger at the United Democratic Alliance presidential candidate William Ruto and the Azimio la Umoja presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga, Wamae said that the duo’s tenure in leadership had not brought any difference to the high cost of living.

“These people have been in government and I dare say that they are to blame for our current situation because they never looked in the future when they were in power. Maybe the future was telling them, to legalise marijuana, because it set us apart in terms of competitive advantage.”

Wamae will be the country’s second Deputy President if Wajackoyah is elected Head of State.