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Wajackoyah launches his 10 Steps to Freedom manifesto

Roots Party presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah has unveiled his manifesto dubbed the 10 Steps to Freedom.

As expected, topping the list is legalisation of bhang. Here are the highlights of the Wajackoyah manifesto:

1. Legalise bhang: Wajackoyah estimates that if bhang is grown in Nyeri county, for instance in its 583,000 acres, residents will earn Sh4.6 trillion per harvest and since the hemp is harvested twice in a year, Nyeri’s earnings will double.

2. Snake farming: Prof Wajackoyah plans to introduce snake farming in Kenya saying that each venomous farmer will earn an average of Sh600,000 per vial of anti-venom.

3. Dog meat for export: The law professor claims a kilogram of dog meat costs six times more than the price of a kilogram of goat meat and that if Kenya exports dog meat it will earn Sh 2,400 per kilogram.

4. Hanging the Corrupt: Anyone caught or found guilty of stealing public money will be hang in public. No more Golden berg, No more Anglo Leasing and No more Kimwarer and Arror!

5. Shut down SGR: Wajackoyah’s administration plans shut down all symbols of Chinese colonization. All Chinese statues along the route will be brought down and his government will build a new railway systems with Kenyan money.

6. Four working days: Every Kenyan will work for four days only. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be holidays. Each Kenyan will be paid every two weeks. And Kenya will be a 24-hour economy!

7. Suspend the constitution: Parts of the constitution that do not work will be suspended. Wajackoyah’s administration will ask the people what they want.

8. Make Isiolo the capital city: Isiolo is the center of Kenya. Making Isiolo Kenya’s administrative center is the same as making Canberra Australia’s capital. Wajackoyah’s administration will move the capital city from Nairobi to Isiolo.

9. Create 8 States: Each regional state will have a federal government that will give every community power to make their own decisions.

10. Deport Idle Foreigners: Wajackoyah’s government will deport foreign idlers who have taken over Kenyan jobs.