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Wajesus Family planning to make more babies

By Rajab Zawadi February 11th, 2020 1 min read

Celebrity YouTuber couple Milly and Kabi popularly known as ‘The Wajesus Familly’ are already planning to have more children just three months after they welcomed their first child, a son Taji.

The couple have become a huge sensation online due to their nature of serving young couple’s goals on various online platforms from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and any other you know of.


Milly Wambui and Peter Kabi always document their day-to-day activities; from home to meetings, events, holidays, gateways and any other things that has to do with their daily lives.

And despite these being ordinary day things, as some would argue, the Wajesus Family fans base has continued to grow and the demand for more of such content has risen.

Kabi notes that the numbers of their fans has grown tremendously following the birth of their first child Taji and even though they intend to keep up with their trend to keep proving marriage works, more so for young couples, they also planning to have a bigger family.


Speaking to the latest issue of True Love magazine, Milly revealed that coming from a big family, she wished to have 12 children but his husband shot down the idea.

“I wanted 12 (children) because I love big families. I have grown up in a big family, I have five siblings plus three cousins who stayed with us. But Kabi wants a maximum of three so we agreed to have between three and four children.

According to 29-year-old Kabi, his intention is to have a sizeable family which he can be able to provide for sufficiently.

The couple have been married for three years now having walked down the aisle in December 2017, 10 months after Kabi proposed to his now 26-year-old wife.