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‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ part 4 drops as more artistes join King Kaka’s movement

By Amina Wako December 29th, 2019 2 min read

Two weeks after Kenyan singer King Kaka released a song titled Wajinga Nyinyi which highlighted the state of corruption in the country, other artistes have released yet another song with the same title.

The new song has been done by Willie Oeba, Shanki and Evansquez who are artistes based in Nakuru.

In the song, the lead artist Willie Oeba starts by questioning the whereabouts of President Uhuru Kenyatta and goes ahead to fault him for recently asking why Kenyans were broke.

“The sitting president is now sleeping, na wenye tulipea kazi yakutupa solutions ndio wanauliza why Kenyans are broke,” Oeba says in the opening words of the the song.

He then says old people are targeting minors and making them pregnant.

Oeba speaks of how the government issued orders that all school buses be painted yellow so as they leave a legacy but in real sense school structures have leaking rooftops.

The artiste also speaks of how the youth are suffering as politicians go on looting from public coffers.


On his part, Shanki laments how politicians who loot from the public coffers keep winning elections.

“Sisi ni wajinga design politicians wameiba ndio hushinda the next elections just imagine corruption ndio huwafanya famous,” he says.

Evansquez on his part speaks of how politicians steal without being concerned by Kenyans’ suffering.

The song was shared by King Kaka on his YouTube account and according to the title, it’s the fourth version of the sequel titled Wajinga Nyinyi.

Part 2 of King Kaka’s controversial song Wajinga Nyinyi was done by Teardrops, a spoken word artiste whose real name is Mark Joshua Ouma.

In the piece, the poet followed his predecessor’s footsteps and touched on different matters of national importance and the ills that plague Kenya.

King Kaka was quick to acknowledge the effort by posting part of the song titled “Wajinga Nyinyi Part 2’ on his social media.

The third version was done by rapper Frasha (real name Francis Amisi) under the title Wajinga Sisi.

He started by telling fellow rapper King Kaka that the fight he has chosen is a difficult one and he had decided to stand with him.

In another line, he cheekily mentions the lawsuit threat that Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru issued after King Kaka released Wajinga Nyinyi.

Waiguru has since withdrawn the legal threat.