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‘Wajinga’ tweet lands Tanga Tanga MP Alice Wahome in trouble

By Keshi Ndirangu December 30th, 2019 2 min read

Kandara MP Alice Wahome on Monday found herself on the receiving end from Kenyans on Twitter after she took on critics over her performance in the constituency.

A netizen shared a picture of dilapidated latrines of a school located in the MP’s constituency.

The tweep by the name, Ngigi Boniface posted, “Status of Toilets in Kariguini primary school in Kandara Constituency represented by Alice Wahome.”

Ms Wahome, however, shifted the blame to the Ministry of Education.

She further asked netizen to tell her if her role as an MP was to fix school infrastructure, adding King Kaka’s words ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ in the end.

“I challenge those who have commented to tell me where in my contract as an MP I was given the job of fixing school infrastructure then you will make sense, Wajinga Nyinyi. Haters.

Most Netizen asked Jubilee legislator allied to tanga tanga faction what the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF) was meant for.


@garang_mzalendo commented, “For your information the so called learned whatever go and read slowly and clearly the NGCDF Act and familiarize yourself with it’s role and purpose. Security and Education is the primary work of the kitty. Stop occupying yourself with Tanga Tanga nonsense and work #MjingaWewe”.

@MuhangaMike tweeted, “You’re an embarrassment to the legal profession. As a lawyer, you should be conversant with Section 24 of the NG-CDF Act. That law details how you should spent the Ksh 100m you receive every year as CDF. Education is a national govt project that qualifies for CDF funding”.

@JaphethMuuo_posted, “You may be right but as an Mp & a leader, you lobby for such with the Concerned institutions. You can’t call people Wajinga for criticizing you. A day will come when Kenyans will reject leaders like you. Your arrogance is unmatched”.

“Ignorant ! CDF money! You can’t even look for ways to improve learning institutions through lobbying and such! Anyway, yours is tangatangaring,” @johnnguyo1 said.

“Asking you to use CDF to fix school infrastructure ni ujinga eti? Ubwege ni kuchagua mbunge kama huyu!,” posted @yosefu_jk.