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Wajir Woman Rep allegedly assaulted by male colleague in Parliament – VIDEO

Wajir East MP Rashid Amin has this morning allegedly assaulted Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi in the precincts of parliament.

The incident happened at parliament parking lot five minutes to 10am on Thursday.

Ms Gedi, who was in the company of Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga, was going for a committee meeting at Protection House, which is situated outside parliament buildings when Mr Amin accosted her.

Mr Amin accused the Wajir Woman Rep, who is a member of the Budget and Appropriation Committee, of failing to allocate money to his constituency during the recent committee visit to Wajir County.

After a few minutes, Mr Amin punched Ms Gedi on her face twice leaving her bleeding before he was held back by Wajir West MP Ahmed Kolosh.


Speaking to Nairobi News at Parliament Police Station, where she recorded the statement on assault, Ms Gedi said Mr Amin accused him of leaving his constituency out of the budgetary allocation.

“I was just walking with my colleague Ms Wanga when he accosted me and started calling me stupid and within minutes he punched me on the cheek,” Ms Gedi said.


“I told him that Wajir county was only allocated Sh100 million and we had to allocate money to only areas of priority to the region like water and roads but he told me that is nonsense,” Ms Gedi added.

Ms Wanga who witnessed the incident said she was with Ms Gedi as they were going a committee meeting when they met Mr Amin at the parking lot.

“I stood aside and gave them space as they started talking in their local dialect but within a few minutes, I saw Mr Amin punching my colleague and she started crying and bleeding,” Ms Wanga said.


“I could not believe it that a male colleague could assault his female colleague,” Ms Wanga added.

Ms Gedi was rushed to Karen Hospital for treatment and later proceeded to police doctor in Nairobi area.

When reached for a comment, Mr Amin who after the incident attended Public Investment Committee meeting only said, “I will respond to the police for now treat that report as rumours.”

The matter is recorded at Parliament police station as OB/20/13/6/2019.