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Wakavinye pressured me to propose – comedian Njugush

Popular comedian Njugush has shed light on why he decided not to propose to his wife, Celestine Ndinda, before their wedding.

During an interview on TV47, Njugush was asked about the one thing he felt Celestine was pressuring him to do.

According to Njugush, Celestine, the mother of their two children, often sent him simple tips and ideas on how to propose.

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However, he found these ideas to be financially burdensome and difficult to implement.

“Proposing was the most stressful thing for me. I felt overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure.

She used to send me links with simple proposal ideas. One suggestion was to have a picnic near a body of water. The closest one was in Naivasha. And I cannot take her to Ruiru Dam. But that would have required considerable resources, including hiring a car for 3,000 Ksh. The cost was beyond my means,” Njugush joked during the interview.

Njugush was grateful for Celestine’s understanding throughout the process.

Instead of insisting on extravagant proposals, Celestine asked Njugush for a ring, recognising the financial constraints they faced at the time.

Njugush’s honesty about his struggles highlights the importance of communication and understanding between partners.

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He also encouraged young couples not to go for expensive things if they cannot afford them.

Njugush revealed that he went to Luthuli where he bought a beautiful ring with initials on the inside.

“Don’t tell her the price. Avoid anything gold because you cannot afford it,” he joked.

The comedian also revealed that his wedding ring cost about Sh400.

“A wedding in our church costs about Sh50,000 and that includes the tent, seats, sound and choir. I was supposed to bring horses during the wedding but they said they did not want animals that would eat the flowers,” he said.

The couple recently shared a video from the London Eye on their social media platform where Njugush pretended to propose to Wakavinye as their fans cheered them on.

Wakavinye wrote in the caption that she would tell everyone that her husband proposed to her at the London Eye.

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