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Wamalwa reiterates need to address cost of living

By Mercy Simiyu February 14th, 2024 2 min read

Democratic Action Party-Kenya (DAP-K) leader Eugene Wamalwa has called on lawmakers to give priority to the appointment of new Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) officials.

While addressing the media on February 14, 2024, Wamalwam who previously served as Devolution and Defence minister, stressed the need for MPs to also discuss the high cost of living in the wake of the recent dialogue between government and opposition.

“We entered into a dialogue process at Bomas, and unfortunately, they rejected all proposals regarding the cost of living. However, they were able to agree on the creation of new positions. Today, we urge parliamentarians to uphold their conscience, especially concerning the NADCO report, and place pressure and priority on the issue of IEBC,” stated Wamalwa.

Emphasising the critical role of the IEBC in upholding democratic principles, Mr Wamalwa stressed the need for a bipartisan approach to ensure the formation of an electoral body that commands the respect of all Kenyans.

“We want to see a bi-partisan approach in terms of constituting an IEBC that commands the respect of all Kenyans. As we approach the 2027 elections, where DAP has endorsed me for presidential candidacy, we want to be sure that it will not be a waste of time,” he affirmed.

Wamalwa expressed concern that without an independent and fair IEBC, the democratic process might be compromised, leading to outcomes that do not reflect the will of the people.

He called on parliamentarians to prioritize constitutional obligations and work towards establishing an IEBC capable of delivering transparent and democratic elections.

“As we go into the 2027 elections, we want to be confident that we have an IEBC that is independent, fair, and capable of delivering a democratic election that respects the will of the people. Both the cost of living and the IEBC are crucial issues for the parliament to address,” Wamalwa noted.

Further, he challenged the government’s decision to proceed with tender advertisements, asserting that public involvement is crucial in such matters.

“As a party, we stand firmly against the privatization of Nzoia Sugar Company. We challenge the government’s decision to move forward with tender advertisements, we reject any least emphasizing the necessity of public involvement in decisions of this magnitude,” declared Wamalwa during the press conference.

He went on to express the party’s unwavering stance against leasing and highlighted their efforts in securing court orders to halt what they deemed as the “illegal privatization of sugar companies.”

“We have secured court orders to halt the illegal privatization of sugar companies, including until the case is heard and determined, therefore any privatisatisation happening is illegal and a violation of the court orders,” He noted

The DAP-K leader emphasized the importance of protecting public assets and ensuring that the interests of the people are safeguarded in the face of privatization proposals.

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