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Wamalwa: We have enough food to feed all those affected by floods

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, has said that there is enough food in the country to feed all persons affected and displaced by the current floods.

Mr Wamalwa on Wednesday said the government has already dispatched over 40,000 bags of rice including other food and none food items to 24 counties.

“As the ministry in charge of special programmes we have put measures in place to ensure we give support to all families affected. As of today we have been able to dispatch over 40,000 bags of rice and other food and none food items, to over 24 counties affected by floods,” Mr Wamalwa said.

Covid-19, he says, is not the only disaster that the government is dealing with.

Flooding and landslides are also causing havoc to Kenyans. Hundreds have been displaced while some have lost their lives.

“Though we have the Covid-19 situation in our country and we are dealing with it, we also in the same breadth dealing with another disaster of floods,” Wamalwa said.

The Devolution CS said that since last year the country has been going through a number of calamities including drought, flooding and locust invasion.

“As you remember last year we started with drought, then we had floods, towards the end of the year we had locusts indeed our nation is a resilient nation. The counties that have been affected are up to 29, those who have lost lives due to floods as we speak is 116 persons. Over 100,000 households have been displaced,” Mr Wamalwa explained.