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Most wanted criminal arrested in Kikuyu – PHOTOS

One of the most wanted criminals in Kenya who has been terrorizing residents of Kikuyu town has been arrested.

John Ndung’u was apprehended on Monday morning alongside three others at his home in Thogoto.

There was drama at the sleepy Ndaire-Reli village after community policing members spotted the thugs and alerted the authorities. Police officers stormed his homestead with seven vehicles.

“We have been on their trail since yesterday,” said Adan Ahmed, the Kikuyu DCIO.

“They had been seen around here yesterday and we finally caught up with them today at about 10am. They were four of them but one, a Mr Shikuku, managed to escape.”

Ndungu’s grandfather and grandmother were also taken to the Kikuyu Police Station.



The police recovered two fake pistols and assorted items including three television sets, speakers and a drum suspected to have been stolen from a local church.

Police also recovered three bamboo sticks tied together to the size of an AK 47 which they suspect the gang uses to train on aiming.

The thugs were handcuffed and bundled to a police vehicle as neighbours pushed forward to catch glimpse of the young men they know all too well.

Ndung’u and Shikuku were the remaining of an original gang of four led by the late Kennedy Kinyanjui.

Kinyanjui was killed by police along Mombasa Road in August 2016 together with five others. Ndung’u is alleged to have escaped together with Alex Mbugua who was killed later on.


The four had been caught on CCTV as they stole from an M-Pesa shop in Kinoo on June 4. NTV aired the footage on Sunday June 12.

Three days earlier, Kinyanjui had murdered his aunt in cold blood in Thogoto after he suspected that she was snitching on the gang to the police, a fact that police confirmed when they eventually caught up with him in August.

The gang had so terrorized Kikuyu residents that Flying Squad officers had been called in to help in investigations.

Speaking on Monday at the Kikuyu Police Station, Kiambu County Police Commander Adiel Nyange said that Mbugua had been killed by police in Nanyuki.



Bizarrely, it is alleged that Mbugua’s father, Wallace Kahero, was the gang leader. They called him Master. He was found dead, his body mutilated, at the Kinare Forest.

“Now, only Shikuku is at large,” says Nyange. “But I have a New Year message to the Kiambu criminals, a new no nonsense command has taken over, you either relocate, or we arrest you, or you meet your creator.”

Talking from the back of the truck soon after the arrest, Ndung’u protested his innocence but acknowledged that he knew Kinyanjui, Mbugua and Shikuku.

“Mbugua and Kinyanjui were my friends whom I avoided after they became criminals. They are now dead,” he said.

However, he could not explain the presence of the fake guns, commonly known as Bonoko, in his grandmother’s house.

He is in his early 20s, a bright student whose mother is said to be working in the United Arabs Emirates.