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Wanyama reveals how visiting sick children helped his recovery

By STEVEN OMONDI January 15th, 2018 2 min read

The sight of ailing children in hospital, who nonetheless had big smiles on the faces, is what inspired Victor Wanyama to get over a difficult recovery period from injury, the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder has revealed.

In an article published by Mail Online on Sunday, the Harambee Stars skipper also spoke about the important lessons on health and fitness that he learnt from his injury.

“Money and all the trappings of being a footballer mean nothing unless you have your health and fitness,” Wanyama wrote.

“Before Christmas though we visited Barnet Hospital and I saw small children who were very down, very sick, yet when they saw us they had big smiles on their faces. They gave such a positive vibe. Then I said to myself, ‘Victor, your problem is so very small’,” he added.

Wanyama further narrated how during this period he visited young Kenyan children suffering from cancer and how that encountered helped change his mindset about his situation.


“In my country Kenya, I have been to see young children suffering with cancer. I help them to raise money for treatment.

“One boy was having his third stage of chemotherapy. Spending that day with him, I could feel his pain. He was so fragile. Watching him go through what he did was so moving yet he appreciated me being there so much.

“It was a Sunday, we played a little football and went on a few fun fair rides. He was so happy and that made me feel amazing.┬áMy knee troubled my mind yet I was at peace helping those children,” he wrote.

Wanyama, who suffered the knee injury during a pre-season friendly in July and has only recently returned to action, also termed his lengthy lay off as the lowest point of his career.

“This has been a dark time for me. When Tottenham played Real Madrid at Wembley and I had to watch… I wanted to play so badly, it was probably the lowest point of my career.”