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Wanyama invites Tanzanian celebrity drunkard Konki Liquid to England

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Victor Wanyama has offered to treat renowned Tanzanian drunkard, Pierre Konki Liquid with a fully-paid trip to England.

A video which has since gone viral in Tanzania, shows Konki Liquid speaking to Wanyama via a video call, when he visited Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz, who is a very close pal of the footballer.

The two haven’t met before but it took Ommy’s introduction to get Konki Liquid chatting with Wanyama who surprised the celebrity drunkard with the invite.


An elated Konki Liquid couldn’t believe it when Wanyama told him he wanted him to visit him in England where all his bills would be taken care of.

Meanwhile, Ommy has been tasked with getting Konki Liquid a travel Visa.

This is how part of the video call conversation went:

Konki Liquid: Ati nini? Hatari Faya. Aaah Victor Wanyama eeh bwana eeh piga kazi Tottenham. Victor Wanyama!

Wanyama: Njoo huku.

Konki Liquid: Eeeh! Nije UK?

Wanyama: Wewe njoo.

Konki Liquid: Hatari faya! Ni hatari faya!

Tanzanian celebrity drunkard Pierre Konki Liquid. PHOTO | COURTESY
Tanzanian celebrity drunkard Pierre Konki Liquid. PHOTO | COURTESY

Just like Kenya’s Githeriman, Konki Liquid became an instant celebrity a few months ago when someone shared a video of him at a local joint in Dar es Salaam.

In the video, a drunk Konki Liquid with a beer bottle in hand is heard uttering the words “Mama nakufa, nakufa”, a phrase that has now become popular with Tanzanians, including being featured in songs like Rayvanny’s hit Tetema.

Since then, due to his sudden popularity, Konki Liquid has been nailing endorsement deals with different companies as brand ambassador as well as making club appearances for a fee.

Celebrities have also contributed to his popularity by associating themselves with him.


But not everyone is happy with Konki Liquid’s newly-acquired celebrity status.

On Sunday, Dar es Salam Regional Commander Paul Makonda, during an event, blasted the media for making Konki Liquid famous, terming him as a drunkard who doesn’t deserve any sort of recognition and the endorsement deals he has so far received.

“Ningewasihi sana waandishi wa habari akina mama wanaojituma na kuhangaika kwa ajili ya watoto wao ndio wapewe kipau mbele. Sio hao walevi walevi hao mnaotutangazia usiku na mchana sijui Pierre, sijui nani. Huwezi kuwa na taifa ambalo linapromoti watu waovyo ovyo hadi wanakuwa ati mpaka brand ambassador,” Makonda said.