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Wanyama, Thierry Henry arrive for training in masks

Victor Wanyama and his Montreal Impact teammates on Wednesday resumed contact training after the Canadian national government eased down coronavirus restrictions.

Impact players have been forced to sit out of action since Mid-March when football activities around the world were paralysed by the pandemic.

But with the situation perceived to have gone past its devastating stage, governments have partially eased their restrictions allowing teams now to prepare and return to competitive action.

Pictures posted on the clubs’ social media pages showed Wanyama, donning a new haircut undergoing drills on the pitch under the watchful eye of coach Thierry Henry.

Thierry Henry.

All the players and coaches were spotted wearing masks.

Henry’s side, which signed Wanyama from Tottenham Hotspur in March, lie in second place in the Eastern Conference Major League Soccer (MLS) after posting a win and draw in the opening two matches.

The Impact players are expected to train individually for the first part of the resumption programme.

The resumption date of the MLS league has yet to be confirmed.