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War on terror:Schools asked to vet staff, learners

Head teachers have been asked to be on high alert following cases of children being taught to be terrorists.

Acting education secretary Kiragu wa Magochi said the Ministry of Education had received information that radicalisation had crept into primary and secondary schools.

“Concerns have been expressed that there could be increased radicalisation of youths in education institutions, especially in primary and secondary schools,” said Mr Magochi in a statement.

The heads were therefore asked to be extra careful when admitting new students. They were urged to ensure they had official letters from their previous schools.

“Records of students admitted to the schools should be up to date. Those transferred to and out of the schools should be updated too,” he said.

He went on: “In cases of transfers,  principals and head teachers must obtain a written report from the principal of the schools the pupils are transferring from giving reasons for the transfers.”

The heads were also required to  vet non-teaching staff and the results forwarded to the ministry.

All teachers, he said, should be registered by Teachers Service Commission as required by the law.

He said learners going out  of school compounds for programmed activities should always be accompanied by teachers. He added that visitors coming in during visiting days and open days should be recorded.