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Wasanii Corner: Celebrating Kenya-Australia artistic collaborations

The Kenya Cultural Centre in Nairobi has seen a revival of its outdoor area dedicated to emerging artists, known as the Wasanii (Artistes) Corner, through a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports and the Australian High Commission.

Recognizing the invaluable contributions of artistes, producers and educators to the cultural landscape, Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba expressed his dissatisfaction with the absence of financial rewards for their remarkable talents.

Speaking during the launch of Wasanii Corner, an outdoor space for emerging with partnership between the Australian High Commission and artistes, Mr Namwamba termed the absence of financial incentives as “criminal and unacceptable.”

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He emphasized the pivotal role artistes, producers and teachers play in shaping the nation’s cultural landscape and highlighted the need to bridge the gap between their contributions and financial compensation.

“The Kenya Cultural Centre is vital to our creative sector, developing and nurturing talents through capacity building and partnerships. We welcome this partnership with the Australian High Commission, which has helped rejuvenate a key space for long-term benefits,” Namwamba said.

Australian High Commissioner to Kenya, Mr Luke Williams, expressed his excitement about the artistic collaboration and the profound impact it has had on fostering cultural understanding.

“This partnership has provided a rewarding cultural exchange between Australian and Kenyan artistes. It’s exciting to see three female artistes, who knew little about each other’s countries or cultures, work together to produce this beautiful mural, which is so seamlessly connected,” said Mr Williams.

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The mural not only serves as a visual representation of the bond between Australia and Kenya but also celebrates the diversity and interconnectedness of the global community. It highlights the power of art to transcend borders and bring people together through a shared appreciation for creativity and cultural heritage.

The Australian High Commission in Kenya has been actively promoting cultural collaborations and exchanges as part of its efforts to strengthen ties between the two nations. This mural stands as a testament to the success of these endeavors and the positive outcomes that can arise from fostering artistic connections.

“Australia and Kenya have a strong relationship and this mural celebrates the diverse cultures of each nation, while also showcasing our deep connections – our landscapes, our rich cultural heritage, and our diverse, vibrant and warm people,” Mr Williams said.

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