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Watch: A sweaty affair as ‘Pinky pinky ponky!’ song light up Supreme Court

By Hilary Kimuyu September 1st, 2022 2 min read

There were light moments in the Supreme Court petition hearings on Wednesday when lawyer Willis Otieno used a pre-school rhythm just to drive a point home.

Mr Otieno, who is representing petitioner David Kariuki Ngari, resorted to singing a popular nursery rhyme “Pinky Pinky Ponky” in Dholuo while demonstrating how IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati ran the electoral body.

While sweating profusely Mr Otieno was explained how Mr Chebukati had turned the commission’s mandate into a child’s play when he opted to sing the nursery rhyme.

“What Chebukati did is what my niece, Mimi, calls ‘Pinky pinky ponky, Paka mielo disko! (the cat is dancing at a disco),” he said.

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“Chebukati calls both Ruto and Raila and he was the only person who knew who the disco would land on. It fell on Ruto and he said, voila, you are the president.”

He questioned if that is the way the IEBC wanted to run the elections.

“Is that how we intend to choose our national executive? We have reduced it to Mimi’s Pinky Pinky Ponky Paka…?” he posed.

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Before he could finish, Justice Smokin Wanjala interjected and told him that they were not understanding what he was saying.

“I gave you brotherly guidance. Be careful! That language seems to be alien to this court,’ Mr Wanjala said, throwing the courtroom into laughter.

His presentation was full of vigour and emotion as he explained his submission before a seven-judge bench.

It did not go unnoticed and Kenyans jumped into the wagon led by former Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu who lauded the lawyer for using the pre-school rhythm to demonstrate how the IEBC chair ran the Commission.

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Ngilu took to Twitter on Wednesday, posting a clip of a group of youths dancing to a contemporary song.

“Picky picky picky ponky. Thank you Willis Otieno for giving us the formula that @WChebukati used to arrive at the joke he announced as the ‘presidential result’,” she said.

Producer Motif The Don went ahead and did a remix of Mr Otieno’s words.

Others were educated while at it.

Business-minded people took advantage and capitalised on the opportunity.

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