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Watch: Ambulance gunmen captured on camera shooting at Azimio protesters

An amateur video is making rounds on social media showing gunmen stepping out of an ambulance and firing shots at demonstrators during Monday protests by Azimio la Umoja supporters.

In the video, which was shared by Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga, four men are seen alighting from a white ambulance and firing shots in the direction from which the ambulance came.

Some of the men who alighted from the ambulance are seated on the back and are joined two others who are behind the driver’s seat. It is at this point that two of gunmen fire shots before getting back into the ambulance and speeding off.

The protesters are then seen pelting the speeding ambulance with stones.

On Sunday evening, Mr Odinga had raised concerns saying police officers were planning to use ambulances with the aim of disrupting the demonstrations.

Mr Odinga defied the police, who had outlawed the demonstrations, and led his supporters in the Monday protests. In Nairobi, the protesters engaged the police in day-long clashes in Kawangware and Kibera slums.

In Kibera, a mosque and a church were burnt down as the demonstrations turned ugly late on Monday evening.

The demonstrations had been banned by the National Police Service (NPS) through Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome who said Azimio leaders had not been granted permission to hold protests.

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“I ask all Kenyans to go on with their business as usual and we are out to ensure more officers are stationed in different parts of the city to deal with any chaos,” Mr Koome said on Sunday.

He warned that police officers would not only be intimidated by anyone and instead work hard to ensure the environment is conducive for Kenyans to conduct their business. Mr Koome further accused the opposition of causing chaos, stating that there were other ways they could air their grievances.

After holding what he described as successful protests across the country las week, Mr Odinga announced that he would lead his supporters in mass action on Mondays and Thursdays each week.

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