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WATCH: ‘Angel’ Kenyan boyfriend catches girlfriend cheating and still keeps his cool

A Kenyan man is being showered with praise for his composure and sensible action after he caught his baby mama red handed cheating.

The man, identified only as Derrick, filmed his conversation with his baby mama, identified as Emily, after he caught her coming from a man’s house.

This was just moments after Emily had told Derrick in an phone conversation that she was in her house sleeping.

During a seven-minute video recording of the encounter, Emily does not say much and stands next to a wall without seeking to explain herself.

According to Derrick, they have a three year old child together.

Emily is cheating with a man identified as Chris who sells second-hand clothes at Gikomba market.

Here is part of Derrick’s pleadings with Emily in the video:

“I just felt there is something wrong… I always try to do my best. Ni wapi huwa nimekufail?

I came here because I was wondering kwa nini Emily azime simu toka jana. Si kawaida yako kuzima simu hivyo. I have been calling the whole night, huchukuwi simu. At 3am, nikaona this is enough. Kukuja hapa nagongagonga mpaka around 6am, kwa nyumba yako nikakuta kufuli, nikajua there is something.

Saa hizi nakupigia unaniambia uko kwa house unalala, Emily unatoka kwa mwanaume saa hizi.

Wewe ni mtu nimezaa na wewe Emily. Do you love your kid? Why would you do this? Chris yuko capable kukulea na mtoi?

Anafanya job gani Chris?… Anauza nguo Gikomba? So that’s the guy you’ve decided to stick your life to? You’ve decided to be with him?”

In the conversation,  David wondered why she decided to live alone yet he has a house which could accommodate the three as a family.

“You once told me the child was not mine, is this the reason you chose to sleep in Chris’s house? Or is he the father?” he ponders.

Kenyans on Facebook praised Derrick for his sensible approach and not resorting to violence.

Odima Bobby sai;, “Man you are a super hero man… A great man, a noble being… May God give you with a great woman…. Am so touched.”

“Thanks for sharing, this has changed my life,” added Faith Mwai.

Jay Linda lauded him by saying; “Waaah… that man is one in a million. If I had him I would be 101% faithful haki.. I’m proud of him.”

Emphrahim Aggrey Ochieng was not left behind and added; “This is not a boy child, this is a mature man with morals and truly loves this woman….he is a gentleman focused in his life. Salute.”

“This young man has a big heart than a Bishop. Such species of men are very rare in the World. Count me out,” said Solomon Mirange Chege.

According to Vickie Viancy, Derrick is a perfect man and Emily is a woman who doesn’t know nowadays it’s rare to find such man who is still willing to forgive even after cheating.

“This man deserves a better woman.”