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Watch angry landlady insulting then assaulting male tenant – VIDEO

By Keshi Ndirangu December 17th, 2019 1 min read

A video showing a landlady assaulting a male tenant has gone viral on social media since it was uploaded on December 13, 2019.

The video was uploaded online by a certain James Wamae Njoroge, who is the tenant allegedly assaulted in the video.

The video captured a heated exchange between the two, which goes on for about 1 minute and 20 seconds before the angry landlady lunges forward and attacks the tenant.

Wamae shared the video on Twitter while explaining that he did not defend himself for fear of his actions being interpreted wrongly.

“So today I got assaulted by a landlady in Meru. I couldn’t defend myself because I know how it is when you defend yourself against ladies, hence the recording,” he tweeted.

Wamae claims that the landlady has a habit of storming her tenants’ houses whenever she wants because she owns the place.

The argument escalated when the landlady locked the tenant out of his house despite him claiming to has cleared his rent until March 2020.

He reported the matter to Meru Police Station where he was given a P3 form.

The landlady was arrested but was later released on a cash bail.

She was also asked to refund Sh 72,000 that she had been paid by the complainant, who claims she is yet to comply.

She has kept promising that she will refund me the cash. Lately she has been saying that my payments for September and October have not reflected. I used to make payments through the bank and I have all the bank statements,” Wamae told Nairobi News.

And as he waits for his refund, Wamae says has already moved out of the house.